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Fifty Sneakers - About Us

The Journey from Quizinator to Fifty Sneakers

Fifty Sneakers is the next generation of the widely popular webtool Quizinator. Fifty Sneakers has all the features that Quizinator offers, but it also includes enhanced and expanded capabilities for content management, networking, and sharing.

How was Quizinator conceived and produced?

The idea for Quizinator was born in the back of an old High School cafeteria, during a regional Science team competition. Our neighborhood’s High School has a very dedicated, self-organized Science team with highly motivated students. These guys organize their own meetings and meeting materials, which consist of piles of Science tests with multiple choice questions. The competitions require them to study on their own, as well as to get together on a weekly basis to go over these tests, which eventually they use up and go over again. The main disadvantage of this study technique is that they can’t rearrange the questions or prepare a different pool of questions to study from.

With this problem in mind, we decided to create a simple online application that the Science team members could use to add a library of multiple choice questions and then prepare different tests from different sets of questions for each study session. This application would allow them to not only produce and classify new study material, but also print sheets for individual study time. Additionally, each student could add to the pool of questions on their own while studying, increasing the number of available questions to create alternate versions of tests for the team sessions.

As we developed our original simple application into Quizinator, we spoke to teachers and instructors, obtaining ideas and advice on features that would be useful to them in the preparation of documents for class work. One of the points that was often brought up dealt with the difficulty in creating different versions of the same questions or tests; that is, the ability to create questions with alternate answers, and the flexibility to re-organize the questions in a test in order to produce an alternate to the same document.

With all these suggestions in mind, we developed the core features for the current free version of Quizinator, which allows the teacher to not only add and classify an extensive library of questions, along with any images they might like to associate with them, but also to have backup answers to multiple choice questions. The ability to store multiple answers for the same question gives the instructor the flexibility to create the same question with different selection of answers and as such change the version of the question for each exam, as well as the order in which the questions are presented. Among many other features offered as core Quizinator functions, creating an answer key is one of the time-saving benefits that this simple web application provides.

We began our journey to help a group of self-taught students, and realized that Quizinator was a tool for helping these kids become their own teachers. To date, Quizinator has grown to serve thousands of members spanning over 100 countries, and has been recommended in many educational websites as an indispensable online resource for teachers and instructors.

Why Fifty Sneakers?

Quizinator’s popularity increased rapidly during its first year, immediately raising several functionality needs that were not adopted in our first try. We collaborated with many of our members, listening to their ideas, difficulties and suggestions, and as teachers ourselves, we designed a list of essential features that we wanted to incorporate into the core application of Fifty Sneakers.

During the past year, our development team has been focused on catering to teachers, instructors, and homeschoolers from all over the world, and has created an application that is user friendly and that facilitates the troublesome job of document and online test creation, storage, and management.