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1. Managing your Content Library All your content items are displayed in the Content List. Your content library can be easily filtered, tagged, untagged, deleted and previewed.
2. Preview the Content in your Library You can get a preview of any content item in the list by moving your computer’s mouse over the detail icon next to the content title in each row. To specifically access the content item, click on its title.
3. Searching in your Content Library You can search your content list by content type, text or tags. Your search can be inclusive or having "Any filter," including content items with any of the parameters you are searching for. On the other hand exclusive or "All filters" searches, find items containing all the filters you are searching for. Search of specific content types by clicking on the dropdown menu and selecting the desired elements.
4. Modify Content Items in Bulk Your content library allows you to delete, remove tags and add new tags to multiple content items at the same time. To modify multiple items select them by checking the box on the left of the row, select an action from the dropdown window, and click the "Apply to Selected" button. You can also select multiple checkboxes by checking the first one and pressing the Shift key down, and clicking the last checkbox. Alternatively, you can select all the items displayed by checking the box in the header of the table.
5. Add Tags to your Content Items You can add up to five tags for each content item. To find a tag that is not displayed in the list, type the tag in the textbox and a dropdown menu should appear with options. If the tag you want to add is not displayed in the list or the dropdown menu, you can add a new tag to your selection. After you have selected five tags, click the "continue" button to save and close the dialog box.