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Fifty Sneakers Feature Tour: Communities

Form Communities in Fifty Sneakers to share resources with friends and colleagues

Fifty Sneakers Communities: Each community has its own resource library that individual members can draw from and contribute to. Members maintain complete control over what content to offer and can remove their resources from common use at any time.

A Global Community with resources available to everyone

Fifty Sneakers maintains a Global Community that all members automatically belong to, and can freely participate in to whatever level suits them.

Powerful administration tools

Fifty Sneakers Community Administration: Members who found and administer communities automatically have access to a complete set of tools to easily configure and control membership and content.

Working together improves community resources

Fifty Sneakers Community Content: Each content item in the community has detailed information regarding it's rating, how many times it has been viewed, and how many times it has been downloaded into a community member's personal library.

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