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Fifty Sneakers Feature Tour: Content

Your teaching resources and materials are organized and online

Fifty Sneakers: Content items can be anything from lesson plans and lecture notes, to questions and answers for exams, quizzes, study sheets, or worksheets. You can add images and videos to different content, along with desciptions and captions.

Searching through your Content Library

Fifty Sneakers: Fifty Sneakers does a great job of organizing all your information, with powerful search options, combined with flexible filtering and sorting. Nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Content Type - the flexible Text Block

Fifty Sneakers Text Block: Use them as intruction blocks, introductory sections to later content, lecture notes, lesson plans, descriptions and overviews, or anything else you can imagine.

Content Type - Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer

Fifty Sneakers Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer: This content item type can have up to ten answers, sorted any way you like, and displayed in one column or two.

Content Type - the Short Answer

Fifty Sneakers Short Answer: The Short Answer content item type allows you to compose a highly formatted question, along with an embedded image or video if you like. You can provide the reference answer to the question, which is not displayed to the student, but would appear on an answer key.

Content Type - the True/False and Yes/No

Fifty Sneakers True/False and Yes/No: These content item types are the simplest question types. Depending on which you select, the answer options are automatically generated once you save your question.

Content Type - the Image/Video

Fifty Sneakers Image/Video: The Image or Video content item type allows you to add an image or video to your library that is not part of a Text Block or Question type, but is instead separate for use wherever.

Content Type - the Fill in the Blank

Fifty Sneakers Fill in the Blank: This content item type is very easy to work with in Fifty Sneakers. After adding the main body of the question text, you simply add the answers that belong in the blanks, the same way you would for a multiple choice question.

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