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Fifty Sneakers Feature Tour: Documents

Going beyond the word processor

Fifty Sneakers Documents: When you create a document in Fifty Sneakers, you select items from your Content Library and place them where ever you want and in whatever format you want.

Build Documents from your Content Library

Fifty Sneakers Documents: When you want to print out your document, the application reviews your template and gets the latest version of your selected content, builds and formats everything the way you wanted, and displays the new file in your browser window for saving or printing.

Always current and available online

Fifty Sneakers Documents: Your online documents are made up of selections from your Content Library, formatted and placed in whatever way you like.

Great features for exams and quizzes

Fifty Sneakers Documents: Display question point or percentage values, use letters or numbers to identify answers, set the document to randomize questions within each section to make it more difficult for students to peek at others.

Your Documents can go public if you like

Fifty Sneakers Documents: You have the option of making your document available for public download using a link that Fifty Sneakers automatically creates for you. You copy this link and post it online, in an email, or via Twitter or Facebook.

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