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Fifty Sneakers Feature Tour: Online Tests

Online Tests that grade themselves

Fifty Sneakers Online Tests: With Fifty Sneakers, you can quickly make rich, full-featured online tests using the content from your resource library, or the resource library of any communities that you belong to.

Fill in your Online Test with selections from your content library.

Fifty Sneakers Online Tests: Bulk import content into your test from your content library. You can quickly narrow your results to see just the content that is related to your test by filtering with text or tags that you arranged for your content.

You have complete control over presentation.

Fifty Sneakers Online Tests: Using the custom-designed page slider at the bottom of the wizard, you can easily sort or select any page you want to edit. It also displays a summary of your online test, and details and values of every page.

Review your Online Test in preview mode.

Fifty Sneakers Online Tests: The preview will tell you if there are questions on your test that are missing answers, or preset values. This is a great way to catch problems before you release your test.

Provide access to your Online Test.

Fifty Sneakers Online Tests: After you have finished configuring your test, you can quickly provide specific access to any students you choose. Each student logs in with their own passcode and proceeds through the test.

Student scores can be displayed and sorted in a variety of ways

Fifty Sneakers Online Tests: Students are individually graded and ranked according to their performance and their peers. Review their overall test details or drill down to look over their answers.

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