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Fifty Sneakers Feature Tour: Overview

What is Fifty Sneakers?

"Fifty Sneakers is a secure, easy-to-use, online application for teachers, instructors, and homeschoolers."

Resource Flexibility and Global Accessibility

Fifty Sneakers Content Library: Content libraries allow you to create and store text content, questions, and rich media like images and video.

Build Documents and Online Tests from your Content Library

Fifty Sneakers: Your online tests and documents are made up of selections from your Content Library (text, questions or problem sets, images, and video), formatted and placed in whatever way you like.

Online Tests that grade themselves

Fifty Sneakers: Online tests are timed and automatically graded and can be set to randomize themselves making "over the shoulder" cheating less of a concern.

Track Student Performance with Historical Charts and Reports

Fifty Sneakers: Automated performance monitoring allows you to easily track student performance for the life of your online test.

Communities make it easy to share resources with colleagues

Fifty Sneakers: Communities provide an excellent way to expand your availability to high quality content, without having to create it yourself.

Completely Free to Use. Seriously.
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