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Fifty Sneakers Feature Tour: Perfomance Reporting

Automated performance monitoring allows you to easily track student performance for the life of your online test. Simplified reports provide scores and score distributions, test and question duration, and much more.

Track Student Performance with Simplified Reporting

Fifty Sneakers: Each online test automatically maintains a series of important metrics and displays them in an easy to follow, summarized view.

Student scores can be displayed and sorted in a variety of ways

Fifty Sneakers: Students are individually graded and ranked according to their performance and their peers.

Individual student results in basic or detailed view

Fifty Sneakers: Review student answers by question and adjust automatically assigned scores for partial credit. Leave corrective comments that appear on printouts returned to the student for review.

Provide summarized results to your students for their review

Fifty Sneakers: Test results can be printed for each student and returned to them for their review.

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